We want to feature YOUR WORDS in our campaign. Tell us what you, as a college student, believe about leadership. We’ll share the best submissions (or portions thereof) through our social media campaign and maybe even here on the website. Feel free to write as little or as much as you’d like.


Margaret Wheatley once said, “Leadership is a series of behaviors, rather than a role for heroes.” What are the behaviors you want to include in your daily life to be the best leader you can be?

What advice would you give college men who want to become leaders?

In your mind, what traits make an “unpolarizing leader” who can lead through unification rather than division?

Please submit your thoughts in the comments section after clicking CONNECT. 



The True Merit Leadership campaign was launched to uplift collegiate leaders. The campaign is for men who are passionate about actually doing not just talking. Men willing to explore the bigger issues of life. Men who see themselves as current or future leaders. Men who would rather lead through unification than division. Men who have a hunger for making college memorable, and the drive to do something about it.

This campaign was launched by ATO as a service all college student leaders.

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